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Outsourcer Story

Get Help so You can Shine at what You do Best

Meet Mike...

He is the owner of a small manufacturing business.

Mike’s overwhelmed by the increased workload of his growing business. The daily stress of coping with mountains of work is taking it’s toll. Work is robbing him of time with family and doing other things he loves. 

If only Mike knew that with INDENGO he could easily outsource mundane tasks to considerably lighten his load and increase his productivity.

By using INDENGO to outsource he will free up his time and mental energy to focus on more important things without the headache of recruiting permanent staff.

He can save money on staffing overheads that can be invested in his growing business. He can leverage high quality talent at a fraction of the cost. His business can achieve it's full potential with less effort and in less time.

He can outsource things like... 

  • Repetitive tasks to a virtual assistant so he’s not working late or on weekends doing them himself. 
  • Specialized skills like website management, copywriting, accounting and more. 
  • Highly skilled tasks. Seasoned professionals or expert consultants can give him advice and insights on higher level business decision making.
  • Non-core manufacturing operations to contract manufacturers that can further reduce labour and overhead costs.
Outsourcing will reduce his workload, streamline his operation, and enable Mike to focus on what he does best. He will enjoy the same economies of scale, efficiency and expertise that larger companies experience.

On INDENGO Mike can outsource pretty much anything. 

He just has to use his imagination and good judgment to figure out what. Or he could hire a consultant on INDENGO to help him figure out how to use outsourced professionals to streamline his operation.

If Mike continues along his present path, he could at worst work himself into an early grave or at best battle on as he is and never see his business achieve it's full potential. 

But INDENGO will make it easy to be matched with the right professionals to help him create a thriving business.

Mike realizes that not outsourcing the right professionals when his business is growing will hold him back.

Outsourcing enables him to create a healthy work-life balance that gives him more time to relax and enjoy his life. He will have more energy to focus on the important tasks that make his business much more profitable.

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